The government and politics of the european union pdf

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the government and politics of the european union pdf

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File Name: the government and politics of the european union
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Published 08.01.2019

The European Union Explained*

The Government and Politics of the European Union. Authors The Institutions and Political Actors of the European Union. Front Matter. Pages PDF.

The Government and Politics of the European Union

Neill Nugent. The European Union Series. Flyer Sample chapter. Recommend to library , View companion site. Paperback -

The politics of the European Union are different from other organisations and states due to the unique nature of the European Union EU. The EU is similar to a confederation , where many policy areas are federalised into common institutions capable of making law; however the EU does not, unlike most states, control foreign policy , defence policy or the majority of direct taxation policies the EU does limit the level of variation allowed for VAT. These areas are primarily under the control of the EU's member states although a certain amount of structured co-operation and coordination takes place in these areas. For the EU to take substantial actions in these areas, all Member States must give their consent. EU laws that override national laws are more numerous than in historical confederations; however the EU is legally restricted from making law outside its remit or where it is no more appropriate to do so at a national or local level subsidiarity when acting outside its exclusive competencies. The principle of subsidiarity does not apply to areas of exclusive competence. The common institutions mix the intergovernmental and supranational similar to federal aspects of the EU.

Whilst the environment did not feature significantly in the referendum campaign it has emerged as a major focus for the UK Government as it prepares for Brexit. Since the UK joined the EU in , its approach to environmental policy-making has been profoundly shaped by processes of Europeanisation. It may also produce policy divergence across the UK as the environmental sector is devolved and has become a site of constitutional conflict over the powers of the devolved nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. A once stable policy area characterised by a broad cross-party and cross-national consensus therefore is, post-Brexit, increasingly likely to become a focus for constitutional and party political conflict and competition. The political fallout was immediate: Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and, following a short leadership contest, Theresa May emerged unchallenged as the new leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. Moreover, she now presided over a divided party and a fractious cabinet.

The definitive textbook on EU politics and governance, now in its 8th edition, has been thoroughly updated throughout to take into account the ongoing.
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Europe: From WWII To Today's European Union

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