Doormaking and window making pdf

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doormaking and window making pdf

Doormaking & Window-Making – Lost Art Press

Product cannot be added at this time. Choose an option to add an item to your cart. Check availability at all stores. Offering a detailed overview of traditional methods for making doors and windows by hand, this book is a reprint of two joiner's handbooks written by an English tradesman in the early s. Covering layout, joinery and construction, the material refers to the use of hand tools but much of it can be adapted by anyone using power equipment.
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Doormaking. Window-Making. For Carpenters & Joiners. Fully Illustrated, with Diagrams and Working Drawings and. LOST ART PRESS: FORT MITCHELL.

Doormaking & Window-Making – Lost Art Press

The book collects in a single volume two booklets originally written by an experienced joiner and published in England in the early part of the Twentieth Century. Get past what may seem overly-formal language to a modern ear, and the book contains a wealth of useful information. Doormaking covers the construction and installation of board-and-batten and frame-and-panel doors as well as door frames. Window-Making moves from the simple to complex, detailing the construction of casement and sliding sashes and frames, then bay windows before concluding with Venetian windows. Frequent drawings and occasional photographs illustrate the text.

Festool Fest 2 Days! Doormaking and Window-Making No reviews yet - add a review. Free returns for six months. Learn more. Fully Illustrated, with Diagrams and Working Drawings by The Editors of "The Woodworker" In the early part of the 20th century, "The Woodworker" was one of the first magazines that was totally devoted to working with wood. They wrote about all aspects of woodworking, including several series devoted to teaching basic construction technique. This book is a reprint of two rare manuals by the magazine, one on doormaking, the other on window-making.

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Download an excerpt from this book here. As the Industrial Revolution mechanized the jobs of the joiner — building doors and windows by hand — one anonymous joiner watched the traditional skills disappear and decided to do something about it. That joiner wrote two short illustrated booklets that explained how to build doors and windows by hand. And what was most unusual about the booklets is that they focused on the basics of construction, from layout to joinery to construction — for both doors and windows. Or the doors and windows these books describe are impossibly complex or ornamental. Every step in the layout and construction process is shown with handmade line drawings and clear text.


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