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jesus and the essenes pdf

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Search this site. Free Jesus and the Essenes book by Dolores Cannon. Jesus and the Essenes by Dolores Cannon Synopsis: This extraordinary document represents a new form of historical research, and straightens out many open questions and misinterpretations. It takes the form of direct dialogues between a modern researcher and a member of the Qumran Essene community, alive around the time of Christ. The Qumran Essene community has become the focus of ideas about the connection of Jesus' teachings to earlier traditions.
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Jesus and the Essenes Part 2

PDF | An exposition of Judean ideas as being a compilation of views in the globalising culture of Greece, Rome, India and China. Paradigms of.

Jesus An Essene

This was supposed to be a first in a series titled Christ, Christians and Christianity, but no more books were ever published. In the book, Nesbit makes a very radical proposal which hinges on Jesus being a member of the Essene sect, today known as the custodians of the famous 'Dead Sea Scrolls. The Jews, long before the time of Jesus, were divided into three sects, the Sadducees, the Pharisees, and the Essenes. It is almost impossible in reading of the last not to be forcibly struck with the remarkable resemblance between their doctrines, precepts and practices, and those of Jesus and the early Christians. Jesus is recorded to have frequently rebuked and denounced both the Sadducees and Pharisees, but it is not related that he once mentioned the Essenes by name.

Edward Planta Nesbit



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