Sailing skills and seamanship pdf

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sailing skills and seamanship pdf

Boating Education Center - U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla - Philadelphia - District 5NR

It involves topics and development of specialised skills including: navigation and international maritime law ; weather , meteorology and forecasting; watchstanding ; ship-handling and small boat handling; operation of deck equipment, anchors and cables; ropework and line handling; communications ; sailing ; engines ; execution of evolutions such as towing; cargo handling equipment, dangerous cargoes and cargo storage; dealing with emergencies; survival at sea and search and rescue ; and fire fighting. The degree of knowledge needed within these areas is dependent upon the nature of the work and the type of vessel employed by a mariner. Navigation is the art and science of safely and efficiently directing the movements of a vessel from one point to another. Piloting uses water depth and visible references, while dead reckoning uses courses and distances from the last known position. Nautical navigation in western nations, like air navigation , is based on the nautical mile. Celestial navigation involves taking sights by sextant on the planets, moon, stars, sun and using the data with a nautical almanac and sight reduction tables to determine positions. Accurate time information is also needed.
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Sailboat Docking Techniques at the Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship by ABK Video

Guide Sailing Skills & Seamanship, BOOK

Take advantage of the years of experience and wealth of information that members of the Auxiliary have to offer. In the spirit of helping others the Auxiliary volunteers its time so you can get the most out of your boating pleasure. Take the time to attend a class. Make the time and schedule a Free Vessel Safety Check. Many insurance companies offer discounts on boating insurance to individuals who successfully complete a course. Upon successfully completing a course and exam individuals are awarded a certificate and card.

Quicktime for Windows. The Instant Handbook of Boat Handling, Navigation, and Seamanship sets a new standard for quick access to authoritative guidance. With each topic condensed to 14 highly illustrated full-color pages, the book covers the 13 critical aspects of piloting, seamanship, and boat handling under sail or power in a completely new and useful way. It is perfect for a quick reference at home or aboard. The Cruising book covers sailing, cruising, and seasmanship topics with a realistic hands on approach to real world problem solving.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary's Sailing. Skills and Seamanship Course (SS&S) is a comprehensive course designed for both experienced and novice sailboat.
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Bill Kneller J/109 Class President

Over half the book has been revised; old topics and features have been updated, and many new ones have been introduced. The design has been modernized, and many color illustrations have been added. As big and detailed as Annapolis is, the wealth of technical information including dozens of step-by-step instructions is presented here in a way that is uniquely readable; it's both useful and easy to use. This is because John Rousmaniere and artist Mark Smith bring to Annapolis decades of experience both as sailors and as professional communicators. Annapolis emphasizes the standard skills and proven methods that eliminate error and confusion, ensure security in emergencies, and allow every sailor more time for enjoyment on the water. Much has changed on the water since when this book was originally published. Black buoys are now green, the Global Positioning Satellite navigation system GPS is almost universally used, new types of anchors and sails have appeared, safety skills and gear are vastly improved, many more women are commanding boats, and catamarans and trimarans are common where only monohulls used to sail.


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