The person and work of jesus christ pdf

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the person and work of jesus christ pdf

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You can also get these books directly on iTunes. Need help uploading your downloads to your reading device? Click here for further instructions. How does a person become a true Christian? Many people believe they have to earn good standing with God by their upright moral behavior, including their choice to have faith in God.
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R.C. Sproul on the Work of Christ

Christian theology

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Christian theology is the theology of Christian belief and practice. Christian theologians use biblical exegesis , rational analysis and argument. Theologians may undertake the study of Christian theology for a variety of reasons, such as in order to:. Christian theology has permeated much of Western culture , especially in pre-modern Europe. Christian theology varies significantly across the main branches of Christian tradition: Catholic , Orthodox and Protestant.

From his prayerful concern that the Colossians might walk in a manner fitting to their new life in Christ, the apostle moves quickly into the main focus of this epistle—the exaltation and preeminence of Christ in His person and work. Part of the reason was the false teaching confronting the Colossians, but another reason is because nothing is more vital for experiencing the power of Christ and fruitfulness than an accurate understanding of both the person and work of Jesus Christ. Without truly understanding who Jesus really is and what He alone could and did accomplish through the cross, people become sitting ducks for cultic systems or false religious beliefs that seek to come to God other than exclusively through the Lord Jesus Christ. Always, all false belief systems either reject what the Bible teaches about the person of Christ deny His deity or true humanity , or they seek to add something to the work of Christ add some system of religious or ascetic works , or they will do both—subtract from His person and add to His work. In other words, what Christ accomplished on the cross is not sufficient, so some system of works is added as a means of true spirituality and access to God.


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