Reasons and persons derek parfit pdf

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reasons and persons derek parfit pdf

Derek Parfit: The Philosopher’s Philosopher | SpringerLink

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File Name: reasons and persons derek parfit
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Published 03.01.2019

Jeff McMahan on why Derek Parfit was saintly

Derek Parfit: The Philosopher’s Philosopher

Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research. Hardly the death of an academic philosopher makes a news headline. The death of Derek Parfit on January 1, , was also no exception. Almost a nonevent event. What is there in the life of an academic philosopher—who was so fully soaked into the thick issues of ethics and metaphysics—that would catch the attention of a common reader?

An Oxford philosopher thinks he can distill all morality into a formula. Is he right?

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Reasons and Persons is a book by the philosopher Derek Parfit , in which the author discusses ethics , rationality and personal identity. It is divided into four parts, dedicated to self-defeating theories, rationality and time, personal identity and responsibility toward future generations. Part 1 argues that certain ethical theories are self-defeating. One such theory is ethical egoism , which Parfit claims is 'collectively self-defeating' due to the prisoner's dilemma , though he does not believe this is sufficient grounds to reject the theory. Ultimately, Parfit does reject "common sense morality" on similar grounds.


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