Rim and face alignment formula pdf

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rim and face alignment formula pdf

Formula for Face and Rim Alignment Calculation

With the coupling broken, mount the fixture to the stationary shaft or coupling hub. Span the coupling with a rod. Rotate the fixture to Attach the face dial indicator. The dial indicator plunger must be centered for equal positive and negative travel.
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How to do the alignment of shafts, compressors and couplings. Animated Tutorial

Rim and face method - by calculation. Reverse indicator method - by calculation. Indicator bracket sag measurement. Alignment by Laser.

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John Baumle Member. Is there someone that could send me an Exel alignment program for rim and face aligning or advise me where to purchase a good one? Or can someone let me know where I can just download a program? Original Post. John from PA Leader. Note it links to another thread that may be of use.

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Many methods are used to align machinery. The simplest method is using a straight edge to bring the machines into rough alignment. A rough alignment is necessary due to the range limitations of the dial indicators.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Dials Acoem AB Productivity. Add to Wishlist. Fixturlaser Dials This is a standalone app for performing shaft alignment, using indicator dials, on typical applications such as a motor and a pump.

Accurate alignment is vital to the operating life of rotating equipment. Bearings, mechanical seals, packing, and couplings are all directly affected by the alignment of shaft center lines. The goal of the alignment process is to create a straight line through the coupling, as shown in Figure 1. The two coupled shafts are considered to be perfectly aligned when their center lines are coaxial at the operating condition. Figure 1: Coaxial Alignment. A thorough understanding of what conditions create misalignment will help us understand what needs to be done to correct it. Types of Misalignment There are two basic types of misalignment: parallel or offset and angular.

Ia dial to set in the conventional art coupling schematic radial gauges 13, 11 and 12 axial measurement table; FIG. Ia readings axially measurement table 11 and 12, wherein the outer race 11 is read, the reading circle is Ia is a schematic view of a conventional art dial indicator provided;. Ia Ib illustrates the measurement table showing the radial readings of 13;. Ic is shown in axial readings Ia measurement table 11 and 12 showing;. The invention relates to an aligning method of the concentricity of a coupling. The traditional method for aligning by using three gauges has the problems that: some equipment is limited by a space position and is not capable of being provided with three dial gauges and enabling the three dial gauges to rotate along with the coupling; or the end surface of the coupling is machined to be rough andis not capable of setting the dial gauges, and therefore the aligning of the concentricity of the coupling cannot be carried out by using the method for aligning through three gauges.


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    The Rim-Face method is recognized as the oldest method of shaft alignment. Many different variations of the rim-face method are used, including straight edge .

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    Rim & Face Alignment Method. To perform the Rim & Face Method, you must: Mount the dial indicators fixtures. Measure the A, B, & C dimensions.

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