Boy names from books and movies

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boy names from books and movies

16 Literary Baby Names That Haven't Been Used A Million Times Already

Choosing baby names can be tough. You have to decide if you want something traditional or original, family-inspired or out of the box — and then you probably have to get at least one other human on board with your decision. Here are 30 baby names inspired by our favorite fiction and book-based movies to help you get those baby name creative juices flowing. Photo via Nicholas Sparks. It would be a cute and playful name for a little girl. Photo via Rifle Paper Co. Winfield : A certifiably old-school name for a boy, this one comes straight from the heart of American lit.
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MomJunction has compiled a list of literary baby names inspired by characters and authors, along with the explanation of their origin and meanings. And it is still doing good. It has a pleasing air with a measure of femininity.

20 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Epic Movies

Choosing a baby name for a future son can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. On the one hand, it's so cool to think that this name will be what this person will be known as from preschool until adulthood. On the other hand, choosing a name for a child without knowing his personality first can feel like a bit of a challenge and a lot of pressure. There's so much to consider when picking a baby name. What if we fall in love with a name because it's trendy , but realize too late that the name is more popular than we realized or wanted? What if we pick the name David, but they turn out to be more of a Charlemagne? There's no real way to know until the baby arrives if a name will truly suit him.

Literary Names For Boys:

The edgy name surprised the world when it went on to take the first spot in , unseating Jacob after year long reign. Naveen Andrews, the famous actor, is another modern namesake. Clark Gable, the famous actor, is another famous namesake. This unisex moniker, used more for boys than girls, is the name of the famous American writer and producer Sheldon. Frank was one of the top 10 names from the years to and is well used even today. It is also the moniker of one of the greatest movie stars of all time. You must use Laurie as a nickname for your son if you truly want to pay tribute to this fantastic character.

These literary baby names for boys are derived from characters in books from all genres. Some of these literary heroes and anti-heroes, such as Romeo and Tristan, come from works of fiction written centuries ago, while others, like Kafka and Edmund, are contemporary. Some names for boys remain inextricably tied to their literary namesakes, such as Heathcliff, Gogol, Ishmael, and Zooey. Here, a selection of the most distinctive baby names from books. It might also be worth checking out your own bookshelves for literature-inspired baby names that are relevant to you. Amory is the kind of executive-sounding surname name that became popular in the s.


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