Gods and generals book summary

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gods and generals book summary

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Written by Jeffrey Shaara after his father Michael 's death in , the novel relates events from through during the American Civil War , ending just as the two armies march toward Gettysburg. In Gods and Generals was made into a film directed by Ronald F. Maxwell and starring Robert Duvall and Jeff Daniels. The film shares most of its cast with Gettysburg , the film adaptation of The Killer Angels. Copying his father's approach of focusing on the most important officers of the two armies General Robert E. Thomas J.
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We may hope that Maxwell will want to produce a movie based on Gods and Generals. I think not, but it is nonetheless quite enjoyable and stands as a worthy tribute by a son to his father. It covers the span of time from late in , when the war had become all but inevitable, to June , just before the Battle of Gettysburg. Battle details, while not entirely absent, are not a main focus of this work. One can not imagine the professional military graduate schools using this as required reading, as in fact they have done with The Killer Angels. Gods and Generals is, however, fun to read. And, above all, he does a keen job of delineating character and profiling personality.

Thank you! It's some testament to the younger Sharra's skills that his own debut, meant to be a prequel to that earlier book, can often hold its own with that work. Like Killer Angels, this new novel focuses mostly on actual figures swept up in that immense conflict: Robert E. Sharra follows these figures, and a score more, from the onset of the war up to the days just before the battle at Gettysburg. A sequel will follow the surviving characters through to the war's conclusion. And like Killer Angels, this novel displays an impressive grasp of the particulars of the conflict. The author projects some believable, idiosyncratic life into such familiar figures as Lee and Jackson.


Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. Yet it repeatedly failed to do so. In battle after battle, the Confederate troops succeeded in forcing back the Union Army. How could 50, underfed, undersupplied soldiers prevail against a well-prepared, well-equipped force of ,? Lee, Winfield S. Hancock, Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain—as well as those who served with them, allowing us to witness "the tragedies and successes of their personal lives and their experiences as soldiers.

Gods and Generals stands as one of the most enjoyable examples of historical fiction in recent history. The book follows four of the most influential military commanders of the American Civil War. They are Robert E. We are introduced to these men in the years just prior to the war and goes until the days just before the decisive Battle of Gettysburg. As the book begins when we find all of them a bit uncomfortable with life during peace time. However, the peaceful life does not last for long.

Sumter, and replaced it with a Palmetto flag. An unwanted war between the states was now a reality. Abraham Lincoln, by that date president for just a month, called on states to send 75, militia to fight for the Union. Southern states, like Tennessee, not only refused to send troops.. By the time the civil war was over, hundreds of thousands of soldiers were dead. At the beginning of the war, General Robert E. Lee and his Army made remarkable progress.


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