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franklin and lucy book review

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When did we become so interested in the sex lives of presidents? But only with the loosening of sexual mores in the s, accompanied by the false air of familiarity fostered by television, did the dam burst. The trend reached its apotheosis in the contemptible document known as the Starr report. Joseph E. Persico retells it in the context of the intimate lives of Franklin and Eleanor more generally. For good measure, the book revisits the probably romantic attachment between Eleanor Roosevelt and the journalist-turned-White House aide and White House resident Lorena Hickok. He pursues questions about when and with whom Roosevelt went to bed with the same solemnity that other historians take to the question of when and with whom he decided to go to war.
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Book Review: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Franklin and Lucy – Book Review

Post a Comment. Franklin and Lucy by Joseph E. Persico brings together all the currently available information on Franklin Roosevelt's relationship with Lucy Mercer, with whom he had an affair prior to being stricken with polio. It also highlights his relationship with all the other "special" women who surrounded him throughout his life. I was especially heartened that this author included Anna Roosevelt, FDR's daughter, among the voices he includes.

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Unsurprisingly, the book deals primarily Eleanor and Lucy Rutherford. Overall I thought this book to be fantastic, it read very easily for the most part and had some interesting new research. It is a book I would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in the history of any of these people. Much of the first half of the book was devoted to Eleanor and it was perhaps her psyche that was most deeply explored of any. The most difficult thing for me in reading this book was finding its true sense of purpose. I was not sure if it was meant to be simply a history of FDR told through his relationships with the variety of women in his life, or if it was supposed to be more about the women and their relationships with FDR, and how those relationships influenced his presidency. My frustration was that I believed the goal to be the latter and, while it was present, the former dominated.

Book Review: "Franklin and Lucy…" by Joseph Persico

The public record shows that Franklin D. Roosevelt had one wife. And that's not counting the casual flings. The legal wife, of course, was Eleanor. Admirable though she was, she drove him nuts. The work wife, equally predictably, was his longtime secretary Missy LeHand, who spent much more time with him than Eleanor did, day and night, before her untimely death at The backdoor wife was Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd.

We see something larger than life in FDR, a giant of a soul unyielding against significant physical disability and guiding a country at a violent crossroads. But before bringing in the ladies, Persico must chip away at the happy lore of FDR as magnanimous hero. In his early life, see, Roosevelt is jarringly unlikeable. With his English-sounding accent and exclusive private school background, his golden mane and his conflict-free childhood, FDR at first seems effete and blank. If his early life is meaningless, FDR as Harvard brat is a more deplorable character. Seemingly unburdened by any real personality, Roosevelt spent his college years joining social clubs and tippling with chums.



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    Roosevelt’s dalliance with Mercer (later Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd), conducted when he was a young assistant Navy secretary, has been known for years. Persico retells it in the context of the intimate lives of Franklin and Eleanor more generally. President Roosevelt, Mrs. Rutherfurd.

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    Persico Roosevelt's Secret War engagingly and eloquently narrates the tangled relationships between Franklin and the various women to whom he became close, including his mother; his wife; Lucy Mercer the young Eleanor Roosevelt's social secretary during WWI and later Mrs.

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    Book Review: "Franklin and Lucy…" by Joseph Persico – Lyza Danger Gardner

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