Crash and burn book michael hassan

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crash and burn book michael hassan

Crash and Burn by Michael Hassan

Steven Crashinsky — Crash — saved his entire school by convincing long-time peer David Burnett — Burn — to stop his plans on taking everyone hostage. This is the story of Crash stopping Burn. Crash received a book contract to tell the story of stopping Burn. They were never friends. But they ran in similar circles. Crash has ADD. Burn has it too, though he has the hyperactive side of it going against him too.
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Published 27.12.2018

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Crash and Burn by Michael Hassan

Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Warning-This review contains spoilers. Michael Hassan's Crash and Burn is an intriguing story. In his debut novel, Hassan paints the picture of how Steven-Crash to his friends- Crashinksy managed to outwit with David "Burn" Burnett and save more than a thousand people from being blown to bits with high power explosives or assault weapons. This book is amazing and very thought-provoking, containing some mature content that may be a little disturbing to some who can not handle it.

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Sign up for our newsletters! Stephen Crashinsky is a normal kid. No one except David Burnett. The book begins after the situation has occurred and everyone considers Crash to be a hero, which he is. He has achieved national fame by appearing on TV shows and is reaping the benefits.




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