Ron hall and denver moore books

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ron hall and denver moore books

Same Kind of Different as Me - Ron Hall & Denver Moore - Christ Church Greenwich

By dallasnews Administrator. Denver Moore was a feared warrior, hardened during his 22 years living on the streets of Fort Worth. He was the baseball bat-packing alpha male of the homeless when Ron Hall, a Dallas art dealer, started trying to befriend him in Through their partnership, Mr. Moore, 75, died in his sleep March 31 at his North Dallas apartment.
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Man’s Life Changed by Wife’s Dream

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Moore grew up as a sharecropper on a plantation in Red River Parish, Louisiana. He lived through years of hardship and homelessness , but changed both his and others' lives after meeting Hall, who was volunteering at a shelter. Ron Hall is a rich international art dealer in Texas. Although not enjoying the same paycheck size as that of his clients', he is invited into their sphere. He and his wife have two children, Reagen and Carson—the first of which, once she hit high school, "shunned anything that smacked of wealth, and yearned to be a freedom fighter in South Africa" after an affair that Ron has, he and Deborah attend marriage counseling and forge a strong bond. So much so, that when Deborah decides to help out at a homeless shelter, Ron agrees to go, hopeful that Deborah will change her mind.

Well — a poor Lazarus poor as I When he died he had a home on high The rich man died and lived so well When he died he had a home in hell You better get a home in that Rock, don't you see? Until Miss Debbie, I'd never spoke to no white woman before. Just answered a few questions, maybe — it wadn't really speakin. And to me, even that was mighty risky since the last time I was fool enough to open my mouth to a white woman, I wound up half-dead and nearly blind. I was maybe fifteen, sixteen years old, walkin down the red dirt road that passed by the front of the cotton plantation where I lived in Red River Parish, Louisiana.


Denver was born in rural Louisiana in January and after several tragic events went to live on a plantation in Red River Parish with his Uncle James and Aunt Ethel, who were sharecroppers. Sometime around , he hopped a freight train and began a life as a homeless drifter until when a judge awarded him a ten year contract for hard labor at the Louisiana State School of Fools, aka, Angola Prison! According to Denver, he went in a boy and left a man and received a standing ovation from prisoners in the yard as he walked out of there in For the next twenty-two years he was homeless on the streets of Fort Worth, Texas. However, there were a few times after a brush with the law, he'd ride the rails visiting cities and hobo jungles across America, sampling regional cuisine like Vienna sausage with fellow passengers.


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    Apr 8, His best-selling book with Dallas art dealer Ron Hall about their Denver Moore (right) rose from the streets of Fort Worth to become an.

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    Same Kind of Different as Me - Wikipedia

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