Homosexuality and the bible books

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homosexuality and the bible books

What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexuality? | HuffPost

Actually, a whole lot less than you might imagine! That may be hard to believe given the fierce rhetoric Christians often employ when talking about homosexuality, but there are really only seven passages in the Bible that refer directly to homosexual behavior, and none of them are associated with Jesus. Compare that to the more than verses on the proper use of wealth or more than on our responsibility to care for the poor and work for justice, and you appreciate quickly that homosexuality was not exactly a major theme of the Bible. Nevertheless, these seven passages have been poured over by conservative and liberal scholars alike and have occasioned considerable conversation and controversy. In order to review what the Bible actually says about homosexuality, as well as what others are saying about it, I'll group similar verses below and give a brief summary of the major differences in interpretation. Then, I'll outline the four most common stances Christians take regarding these biblical passages in general, as these positions greatly influence how one interprets individual verses. There are two passages that refer to homosexual behavior that are set in larger narratives.
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Matthew Vines: "God and the Gay Christian" - Talks at Google

A biblical view of homosexuality

What do you recommend? The first step in delegitimizing what the Bible says about homosexuality is to suggest that the Bible hardly says anything about homosexuality. As I mentioned in the introduction, in one sense this is true. The Bible is a big book, and the rightness or wrongness of homosexual practice is not at the center of it. We looked at most of them in part 1 of this book.

Outline of Bible-related topics. Several passages in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament have been interpreted as involving same-sex sexual acts and desires. Chapters 18 and 20 of Leviticus form part of the Holiness code and list prohibited forms of intercourse , including the following verses:. These two verses have historically been interpreted by Jews and Christians as clear overall prohibitions against homosexual acts in general. More recent interpretations focus more on its context as part of the Holiness Code , a code of purity meant to distinguish the behavior of Israelites from the polytheistic Canaanites. This is shown in Leviticus Chapters 18 and 20 by three specific scripture passages Leviticus , and that state that the Israelites should never do what the Egyptians and Canaanites did.


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