Santa claus and jesus book

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santa claus and jesus book

I Believe in Santa Claus by Diane Adamson

Bingham Dec 10, Category: Articles. Santa Christ is sometimes a Pelagian Jesus. Like Santa, he simply asks us whether we have been good. Or Santa Christ may be a Semi-Pelagian Jesus — a slightly more sophisticated Jesus who, Santa-like, gives gifts to those who have already done the best they could! Then again, Santa Christ may be a mystical Jesus, who, like Santa Claus, is important because of the good experiences we have when we think about him, irrespective of his historical reality.
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SANTA CLAUS reads "Goodnight Santa" with music and sound effects - Kids Storytime Christmas Edition!

Do You Believe in a Santa Christ?

Do You Ever Struggle with the Question:. Have you ever struggled with Santa and Jesus together at Christmas? I greatly enjoyed all the articles, posts and commentary about this subject. Even after reading articles and posts about the subject, I dare to continue to ask the question, why is Santa Claus so controversial when it comes to Christians and the church? In one sense, I get it. But why be so nasty about it! We have raised our kids with a biblical view of Christmas from a very young age, but we have also introduced Santa Claus to them as well.

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I recently asked my three-year old granddaughter — a major joy in my life — whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas time. Some people think Santa Claus is upstaging Jesus. More recently, a group of atheists put Santa on billboards to encourage people to skip church at Christmas. But Santa is based on the life of a real man whose generosity came from his following Jesus. Thus, Santa Claus actually points to Jesus. Bill Federer has written much about how St.

Adamson and illustrated by M. Chad Randall because it focuses on ways in which Santa teaches us about Christ. With very simple sentences, this book compares six basic qualities of Santa with six basic qualities of Jesus. In each comparison we are invited to consider how Santa reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. The symbols of Christmas can remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. The symbols of Christmas remind me of Christ.

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