Is working at a bookstore hard

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is working at a bookstore hard

The 8 Worst Things About Working at a Bookstore

What is something I noticed about working at a bookstore? I drink a lot of coffee. Working at a bookstore allows me to bring my passion for reading into my life everyday. Is working at a bookstore what I thought it would be? For one, my feet always hurt.
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Published 02.01.2019

What It's Like Working in a Bookstore

10 truths you would only know if you ever worked at a bookstore

From an outsider's perspective, booksellers may appear to have the perfect job. Don't they just get to sit around reading all day, and sometimes enjoying enlightened conversations with fellow bibliophiles? That would be nice, but the reality of life as a bookseller is a little wilder. When I worked as a bookseller in a small town about a decade ago, the customers and fellow booksellers made the whole experience a blast. I searched Reddit for similar stories from booksellers. As usual, the internet did not disappoint. I bet he was spinning in his grave!

In the fading, distant days of my youth a year and a half ago , I was misguided about customer service. When my family went shopping, I hated asking for help, and not just because I was terrified of talking to strangers. My idea of how retail worked was different from reality. Now I know about warehouses and stock levels and suppliers and yellow-sticker stock versus white-sticker stock and customer orders and just how many books are sold. I was amazed when I stepped into the back room for the first time, a long corridor stacked to the roof with books. Books on the table, on the floor, in the sink, books everywhere.

Following a death in my family last year, I temporarily withdrew from the world to grieve. When it was time to return, a part-time job seemed a good way to rejoin the living. My first job in our industry was as a bookseller at Pickwick Bookshop in Hollywood. I was called for an interview the next day. The manager recognized that I was a book professional.

What is something I noticed about working at a bookstore? shift from 8pm to 3am is a great time, we all get to be ourselves and just have fun.
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Sometimes booksellers are expected to do the impossible.

Don't have an account yet? - When I was fifteen, I got my first job working as a clerk in an independent bookstore.

I think most book lovers will immediately see the appeal. And in terms of retail jobs, I believe that being a bookseller is pretty much as good as it gets: funny and clever coworkers, interesting and usually pretty relaxed customers, and—of course—getting to be surrounded by books at all times. Like all jobs, though, there are also some downsides. For one thing, they never let you just plunk down and read that fascinating book that just came in. The nerve! And no one ever tells you about the alarming frequency of books somehow falling onto your head or toes while shelving.



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