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target book fire and fury

Tweets About 'Fire & Fury' Target Trump & They're Painful

Author Michael Wolff's pitch to the White House to win cooperation for his book included a working title that signalled a sympathetic view, a counter-narrative to a slew of negative news stories early in Donald Trump's presidency. And in part due to that title, Wolff was able to exploit an inexperienced White House staff who mistakenly believed they could shape the book to the president's liking. Nearly everyone who spoke with Wolff thought someone else in the White House had approved their participation. And it appears that not a single person in a position of authority to halt cooperation with the book - including Trump himself - raised any red flags, despite Wolff's well documented history. Wolff's work has upended the start of Trump's second year in office, distracting the president and his staff from following up his first major legislative victory - the tax overhaul he signed into law at the end of - with another big policy push. The book caused Trump to publicly and dramatically sever his relationship with Steve Bannon , his former strategist, whom Wolff quoted disparaging the president and his family. Trump's lawyers issued an ineffectual threat against Wolff's publisher, seeking to stop the book's publication; instead, it appeared in stores early and rocketed to the top of bestseller lists.
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Michael Wolff - Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House - Jonathan Capehart

Find product information, ratings and reviews for Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump The book is futuristic to forecast the downhill of the current administration.

Fire and Fury: Trump says book is 'fiction' and author a 'fraud'

Having struck a mighty blow against the current occupant of the White House—and, not incidentally, made a tremendous amount of money—swaths of the New York literary and publishing world traveled to the West 67th Street home of Henry Holt president and publisher Steve Rubin, to celebrate its surprising power and relevance. It is, in maybe its most impressive accomplishment, a genuine publishing sensation in In some, perhaps unsurprising, news: Rubin was quick to note that Henry Holt had contracted another, different book with Wolff prior to Fire and Fury, and that publication awaits. Details are under wraps. Anyway, Michael shares the news, to our absolute amazement, that the president-elect and his senior staff have invited him to spend some time with them during the transition and then follow them into the White House. I called him up, and we laid down a considerable amount of money, and we had a deal.

Special counsel says if his team could have cleared the president of a crime 'we would have said so'. The timing maximised the number of people affected, and the number of protestors on the streets. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems.

Michael Wolff's bombshell book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, has been out for less than a day, and the nation is already blowing up about it. Even just looking at the tweets about Fire and Fury give a great look into the psyche of a country that is polarized in so many ways, yet united in one important one: Everyone is rushing to buy this book. Several excerpts from the book were released in the last week, already offering numerous revelations about life in the Trump White House and piquing everyone's interest about it. Then, to make things even better for Wolff and publisher Henry Holt and Company, the White House attempted to stop its publication by sending a cease and desist letter to the publisher. That, Wolff said, would only serve to boost his sales.


There are several ways to grab a copy of the book. It's expected to be in high demand and hard copies may be difficult to come by but digital options are available for those who want to read today about the inner-workings of the Trump White House. Amazon has copies available in three formats: traditional hardcover, audio CD and Kindle. Hard copies of the book won't be shipped for two to four weeks so those wanting to read immediately can do so via Kindle or the Audible audio book service. Books-A-Million has hardback books and audio CDs available online.


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