Aimee and david thurlo book list

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aimee and david thurlo book list

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David Thurlo is an American author of mystery novels with Native American themes. He co-authors all of his novels with his wife, Aimee Thurlo. He became interested in writing when he was working as a teacher and his wife would be at home writing. Soon, he found himself watching her write and they soon realize that they could write together in a single voice. David Thurlo became a published novelist in with the novel Second Shadow. His second novel, Blackening Song , launched the Ella Clah series that he is best known for.
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Aimée & David Thurlo

David Thurlo is one of the well known American authors who has written some very popular books based on the mystery, thriller, romance, and science fiction genres. Most of his novels are based on the Native American themes. David has written all his novels in collaboration with his wife named Aimee Thurlo. Before going on to become a well established author of the mystery genre, author David used to work as a teacher. At that time, his wife was already a writer and used to work on the development of the plots of her books while David used to be out with his teaching profession. Seeing Aimee work with much dedication and passion, author David also became interested in taking up writing as a career.

In addition to many romantic suspense novels, the Thurlos have written three different mystery series, each featuring a very different primary investigator. Since the two of you have written 29 mysteries, if my count is correct, as well as a number of romances.
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Hailing from Havana, Aimee Thurlo was a native of Cuba and a highly prestigious author during her long and illustrious career, spanning throughout her life right up until her death of only sixty-two years of age, many of those years she spent with her husband David Thurlo. Writing together on many an occasion, she was able to craft a vast array of influential and essential novels during her time. Still respected by her many peers and contemporaries to this very day, she continues to capture the imagination of readers worldwide with her accessible and ever engaging stories, as her audience grows day-by-day. Born in in Havana in Cuba, Aimee Thurlo was to experience an eventful upbringing, something which would stay with her right through to her adult career as a famous writer alongside her husband, producing countless novels and stories during her time. Taking in inspiration from the world around her, she had a strong passion for the written word, with her love of literature staying with her throughout, constantly informing her and her work.


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    Aimee Thurlo is an American author of mystery and romantic suspense novels, often with Native American themes and sometimes written for young adults.

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