Healing Garden Ministry


Priestess/Priest of the Healing Garden Ministry

I am a Child of God, complete and healed and whole,
shining in the reflection of His Love.

There is no prerequisite for you to become a Priest or Priestess of the Healing Garden Ministry. Your heart felt desire to be of service in the light suffices.

I commend you for taking this first step towards your healing. All healing is self-healing. As you heal your self you will start to be able to hold more and more light. By receiving your ordination a flame in your heart is being ignited. By lovingly tending to your flame and allowing it to grow and expand, you will soon be able to help others ignite their heart flames.

Water crystal after being exposed to prayer. From Masaru Emoto' book: Messages from Water

The Ordination into the Healing Garden requires a free will donation of US$ 50.00

Ordination into the Order of Melchizedek

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