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All One

Be welcomed on the healing path. Today you are taking time to yourself. You are not alone as you walk along the path. You are never alone. Did you know that you are a most precious being? Did anyone tell you lately how beautiful you are? Rest for a while and look into the water. See your Self and smile to your Self. It is time to honour your Self.

you are very precious

This is the day to re-create yourself. Why wait any longer? All the things in your life that you feel do not serve you any more, you can now let them go. Stand in the breeze with your arms stretched out and call upon the wind to blow away that which you are ready to let go of. Feel the wind gently touching your face. Then lay into the grass and allow the energies of our Mother Earth to nurture you. Invite the sun to shine upon you and vitalize your being. Enjoy. Take time for your Self every day. Re-create yourself. Re-define yourself. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow hasn't happened yet. This NOW moment is all you have. Rejoice.

Let's create Heaven on Earth

May the blessings of God rest upon you
May God's peace abide with you
May God's presence illuminate your heart
Now and forevermore

Sufi Song


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